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Both Chris and Caroline are registered with the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR) and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). In addition both are registered Hypno-Gastric Band Practitioners. Caroline is a specialist Hypno-Chemo Practitioner. Chris is a Member of the Football Medical Association.


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From the Blog:

New Year, New You, or Just the Same?

Ouch! Pain! Suffering! That’s what happens when your New Year’s Resolution comes to a crashing halt!

Sleep is the most important job of the day!

That is often said but what does it mean and what can affect us disrupting the most important job of the day?

How many “friends” do you have on Facebook?

The phone becomes an addiction in the same way as smoking or drinking does, and can have the same effect. It causes many people stress, anxiety and withdrawal symptom and often loss of sleep.

Achieve Your Goals : 6 Things To Stop Doing

Want you achieve your goals? Here are 6 habits that need to be broken if you are going to be successful.

10 Tips Creating a Better Life Balance

Many of us take each day as it comes. We have followed a script rather than choosing a path   Remain focused and disciplined        2.  Invest your time wisely       3.   Learn to set boundaries       4.   Minimise toxicity from negative people       5,   Invest in […]

Change Your Mindset

What is Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy / CONTROL? Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic intervention to help people make beneficial changes to their thoughts, feelings and behaviours. This is achieved by engaging with the client’s subconscious part of their mind, this is the part that influences the involuntary functions of the mind and body, the things that we […]

interviewing Glenn Harrold next week for radio show.

There will not be many of you who have not heard of Glenn Harrold. A qualified hypnotherapist for over twenty years, he has sold over 7 million self help Cd’s and books. As he says “ “When I released my first tapes in 1997, I had no master plan other than a genuine desire to […]

Anxiety Myths & Misconceptions

Anxiety has has been around “for ever”. Anxiety is important in that it helps us when approaching dangerous situations. The time it becomes destructive is when we think many situations can be dangerous. It is only now that anxiety is beginning to be understood and there have been many myths and misconceptions that can prevent […]


  Are you parked or moving on? We often refer to life as a journey –but do we always know where we are heading?  Have we planned our destination or are we just travelling without direction?  Have you looked at the map recently or set your personal Sat Nav? “If you don’t know where you […]

Anxiety in Young People

Anxiety on increase among UK’s young people A survey by The Prince’s trust has revealed that political upheaval, job worries and low self-confidence have left young people anxious and daunted with 58% saying political events had made them fear for their futures. Of the 2,215 people aged between 16 and 25 interviewed a total of […]

Overcome Anxiety

Strange as it may seem but anxiety is a normal reaction of the brain and body.. The human mind can only cope with so much at any given time and when it has used up all its coping mechanisms the brain naturally goes into overwhelm. In actual fact quite often anxiety is just the brains […]

NHS on Anxiety

        Treating generalised anxiety disorder  Advice from the NHS Before you begin any form of treatment, your GP should discuss all your treatment options with you. They should outline the pros and cons of each and make sure you’re aware of any possible risks or side effects. With your GP, you can […]

Repressed Anger

Most of us repress anger however this doesn’t mean it goes away. It still affects us and usually sits just underneath the surface, waiting to burst out at inappropriate times. Why do we repress anger? We repress anger for many reasons. Usually when we were young our parents told us off for being angry and […]

Finding and Chosing a Hypnotherapist

If you are looking for help from a hypnotherapist here are some tips on how to find one that suits you and your issue. Many of these points require that you meet and have some initial discussions with your prospective therapist before commencing therapy – most therapists will offer some kind of initial consultation for […]

12 Days of Christmas

  12    trips to the shops, Christmas shopping 11    visitors visiting – to shop and cook for 10    over excited children 9    hours writing Christmas cards 8    places to go, what to wear 7    presents still left to buy 6    bouts of painful indigestion 5    expectations of a […]

Happy Days

Someone was kind enough to say how cheerful last week’s blog made them, so, you have 7 of these before my next blog!!

Be Happy Pharrell Williams says it all

Rather than write reams this week in my blog, just listen to Pharrell Williams for 4 minutes.  

Now Is The Winter Of Our Discontent

      Do you suffer from SAD? Is the worst time of the year for you when the clocks turn back one hour? Do you find it difficult to function? Are you constantly tired? Do you feel depressed? Do you crave sunlight? Perhaps you just want to hibernate and stay indoors eating? Then you may […]


Recently I have seen  clients who had a very hard time letting go of things from the past. They could remember every single negative detail and ever injustice they ever experienced. Words along the lines of “I never forget” and “I never forgive” or “I tried but I just couldn’t do it” where said… When […]

Turning a Negative Situation into a Positive one

Where Do Negative Emotions Come From? The great business of life is to eliminate negative emotions. To solve this, we have to answer the question: Where do negative emotions come from? Almost all negative emotions depend on blaming someone or something else for negative situations that happen in their life. The problem here then, is […]

Calm Those Butterflies

We all suffer from some level of jitters, nerves, anxiety, stage fright and even downright fear at the prospect in speaking to groups. I certainly did and still get some butterflies turning somersaults in my tummy. Contrary to what some may tell you, you do do not need to be totally calm and collected to […]

Presentation Skills Workshop

hi All Just a reminder about the Presentation Skills Workshops on 28th October at the St. George Hotel Chatham. I am attaching the flyer which gives all the details. It is a workshop to give you the confidence you need when making a presentation. It is a workshop that will help you to develop your […]

STOPTOBER – Do You Really Want to be a NON SMOKER?

  Make October the month that you become a non smoker Smoking can be a costly habit in more ways than one. According to the NHS, individuals who regularly light up will be over £58,000 out of pocket from a 20 a day, 20 year habit. Some hypnotherapists will use “aversion techniques” telling how you […]

Anxiety When Speaking in Public? Read On!

       I have been to see Chris at the Hut (not Pizza) and he was fantastic. Chris helped me overcome my personal fears and I honestly feel more at ease when speaking to larger groups and no longer feel like I am going to be sick on someone’s head. Glenn Sheppard Do you get […]

What to Stop Doing to Achieve Your Goals Part 2

Even though unwanted or bad habits can stop us from achieving what we want, they can be hard to break. There are 6 habits that need to be broken if we are going to be successful.   4. Stop saying “Yes” We all have a limited amount of time and don’t have much to waste. It […]


Handwriting what are your goals in notebook with dart target over dartboard, Business success conceptEven though unwanted or bad habits can stop us from achieving what we want, they can be hard to break. There are 6 habits that need to be broken if we are going to be successful. 3 today and 3 tomorrow. […]

Increasing Self-Esteem Through Hypnotherapy

Poor self-esteem can be the basis of many of our problems. Feelings or beliefs of “not being good enough,” are quite common in today’s world. Confidence is an important aspect of a person’s life. It provides the foundation for feeling good about yourself. Self-esteem is related to what you think and believe about yourself and […]

Public Speaking Nerves – We All Suffer

  It’s safe to assume the people who suffer the most from public speaking anxiety are the ones who know how important presentation skills are to their success. (But really, everyone should know that.) They’re afraid they’ll give a bad performance in front of their bosses or peers. Here’s the question we always ask: What’s […]

A Whale of a Time

Every so often we need to dump our personal, emotional rubbish. We need to take a deep breath and get on with our lives in a clean and fresh way.  The whale swam around its ocean and enjoyed its life. It had its mate and their baby whales to give love and companionship It was […]

Stress is Not Just a Thought or Feeling

Stress is not just a thought or a feeling.  It can actually make you unhealthy.  It might cause your body to release stress hormones. It can alter your appetite, it may even increase your heart rate.  That’s why doctors tell us to avoid it.  But life is stressful, so how, exactly, are we supposed to accomplish that? […]

Public Speaking Talent or Skill?

Is public speaking a talent or a skill? Talent: a special natural ability or aptitude Skill: the ability, coming from one’s knowledge, practice, aptitude, etc., to do something well If you think of public speaking as a talent, and it’s one you don’t believe you have, you will fall into the trap of comparing yourself […]

Chocolate Addiction Or Is It?

If you’re addicted to chocolate you are not alone. I have recently seen a number of clients who are addicted to chocolate, secret eaters, comfort eaters. The first question asked is always, “Can you cure me of this addiction”? Some Hypnotherapists will immediate say “Yes of course”. My response, which is shared by good therapists […]

Low Self Esteem

“You are a worthless idiot” “Why can’t you be more like your sister” Being told something often enough the child begins to believe it. Being told it by a parent imprints it doubly because they are a powerfully hypnotic figure of authority. Not being loved for the wonderful child that you are can have a […]

Wot The Dickens

People coming for hypnotherapy have “Great Expectations” during “Hard Times!” Little surprising as Dickens was fascinated by “mesmerism”. ‘Mesmerism’ was named after Franz Anton Mesmer, who, among other things, believed that the human mind could be healed while in a state of trance. He was one of the “modern era” of hypnotherapy. Dickens became great […]


  Making Mondays Better. Banishing the Blues. How we feel about things has a lot to do with our mindset – our perceptions. We talk about the Monday Morning Blues as if it really exists. Nothing tangible happens on a Monday that doesn’t happen on a Tuesday. It’s just that Monday follows Sunday – our day […]


How can I calm myself quickly?  Sometimes it feels impossible, doesn’t it? It’s as if we’ve been taken over completely by our feelings. It’s a great question and there are a number of answers – and yes, some of them DO ACTUALLY WORK!!! Here’s one answer that is really effective.  I give it this short, […]


It was early morning on the beach. There had been an unusually high tide the night before and hundreds of star fish had been washed ashore. A man was walking along the edge of the sea when he saw a little boy picking up the starfish one by one and throwing them into the sea. […]

It’s Here

It’s here! The much awaited HypnoHut Hypnotherapy website. It has taken Caroline and me a long time to develop as we wanted to make sure that we continued our philosophy of being client centred. I do not want to go on at length now, I would just ask that you browse through it, and look […]

From the Podcast: