Handwriting what are your goals in notebook with dart target over dartboard, Business success conceptEven though unwanted or bad habits can stop us from achieving what we want, they can be hard to break.

There are 6 habits that need to be broken if we are going to be successful. 3 today and 3 tomorrow.

1. Stop Quitting
Achieving our best is never easy yet the temptation is to quit when things get difficult. Perseverance and working through the hard times is what makes people successful.

2. Stop Procrastinating
If you don’t want to do something today, the chances are you won’t want to do it tomorrow either. Refer to point 1, things may be difficult, but they will be any easier tomorrow. Break things down into smaller steps so they seem manageable, take the first step and get it done.

3. Stop being a Victim
We can all be successful if we put our minds to it so don’t say you’re stuck or you don’t have a choice. We all have choice and often the only thing holding us back is ourselves and our thinking. We make decisions every day that hold us back when we need to start making decisions that help us in life, that help you reach our dream goal. No one else is responsible for the decisions we make other than ourselves.

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