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According to research, sports performance has more to do with mental abilities than physical abilities. Successful athletes are often able to control their state of mind so they have a psychological advantage which prevents them from under-performing or giving into their nerves. Hypnotherapy seeks to engage an athlete’s mind in a positive way to help them focus on their goals and achieve them. Being able to control negative thoughts and emotions is the basis of sports psychology and can often be achieved through hypnosis.
Sports people often refer to being in the ‘zone’. This means that they get totally absorbed in what they are doing and barely notice outside distractions when performing at their best. Hypnosis can often help individuals access the ‘zone’ so that they can use this to enhance their performance.

Most sportsmen and women focus their training and practice efforts at getting stronger, faster, increasing their endurance and honing specific athletic skills. Of course, these are crucial areas to develop in order to excel at any sport, however many sportsmen and women at the top of their physical prowess still find themselves underachieving in their sport. Why? An important reason for this often has to do with some type of mental interference. Sportsmen and women trying to compete (at a high or low level) who lack self-confidence, have undo stress in their lives that is not being handled well, or are easily distracted by external or internal events will most probably find their performance suffering.

Hypnotherapy is a very powerful, effective condition that can help sportsmen and women at all levels improve their competitive abilities by strengthening and enhancing the areas of mental functioning that are involved with competing and the individual’s specific sport. There are a number of highly effective techniques that can be used during the hypnosis session that can powerfully heighten the athlete’s ability to perform.

At HypnoHut we work with the athlete from whatever discipline to change how he/she uses their mind when approaching the sport – by enhancing self-belief, dealing with how they respond to committing errors, setting goals and maintaining a positive attitude – we can help athletes to make a significant impact on their performance levels.

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