Weight Loss


Weight Loss – Food for Thought….

  • Have you tried or thought of trying various diets or nutrition plans?
  • Have you got into a cycle of dieting, overeating, having feelings of guilt, then dieting again?
  • Do you find yourself “YoYo dieting”?

In the long term this has little or no effect and can make weight loss difficult to sustain.

The fact is that you cannot diet for a short period and then return to old eating habits and hope to be successful.

Weight management is not about the latest diet, it is about a change in your eating habits and your approach towards food.

Hypnotherapy helps you identify the cause of your weight gain and overeating habits and helps you make changes in your life.

A common cause of overeating is due to stress hormones floating through our systems which are then interpreted by our brain as believing we are in danger. The natural “fight or flight” response is to “refuel” to cope with any extra tasks our body may need to perform. Our bodies then crave sugar or carbohydrates to convert this into “perceived” extra energy. Unfortunately our bodies cannot distinguish between real danger and perceived danger – so every time stress hormones are released – our body “naturally” responds by refuelling.

Hypnotherapy can help reduce inappropriate stress responses (whilst maintaining essential responses) and help you achieve a healthier approach to eating habits.

At the HypnoHut we can help you in many ways:

Do you recognise any of these traits in yourself?

  • Lack of will-power…
  • Binge eating…
  • Overeating and wondering why…
  • Loss of self-esteem…
  • Emotional needs…
  • Comfort eating…
  • Tried dieting and put weight back on…
  • Make excuses and always intend to “start tomorrow”…
  • Feel that your body is fat and unattractive…
  • Lack of motivation…

Put simply we can help you :

  • regain control over your unwanted behaviours towards food
  • create a more positive self-image
  • improve your self-confidence
  • face life with new and healthier lifestyles
  • If your body mass index (BMI) is 25 or greater you may benefit more from treatment with the Hypno-Gastric Band.

You can check your BMI on our Hypno-Gastric Band page, click here.

The first thing to do is contact the HypnoHut and book an initial free consult with us. During this we will explain to you how it all works, what to expect. Should you decide at that point that you would wish to proceed, we will develop a treatment plan to give you the ability to move beyond your weight.

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